A Guide to Database Management Systems - DBMS

Microsoft's SQL Server is a  relational database management system (DBMS) that initially was targeted at small and medium sized businesses.

Today, many large corporation are using it for their enterprise information needs.  The first version of SQL Server was launched in 1989.

The current version of this DBMS is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (alias Yukon).

In addition to providing database management functionality, the toolset includes ETL (extra, transform, load) functionality for data warehousing applications and an OLAP tool (Online Analytics).

SQL Server DBMS - SQL Database

The SQL Server 2005 DBMS provides a secure, reliable, scalable, highly available relational database engine with improved performance and support for structured and unstructured (XML) data.

A light version of SQL Server called SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is also available.

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